Create your own beautiful music in a variety of pentatonic scales, custom finishes, colors and artwork with Zen Tambour by Steve "Spike" Finch. The sound depth, artwork and finish of your drum is completely customizable. The Zen Tambour creates music that is tranquil, hypnotic and zen.

Where in the world you might see or hear a Zen? Check out the growing map of collectors.
Use your mouse to move around, Zoom in and out and click on a spot.

As an artist, Spike has built on the "Tank Drum" idea which was invented by Dennis Havlena. He felt that the drum should look as unique as it sounds and that you should be able to pick not only the scale and sound depth, but also how the drum looks.

Building your own drum:
Choosing your scale is easy, visit the "Scales" page where you will find audio and video clips of the various scales. The Zen Tambour is currently available in an 18", 11 note. For colors, finish and artwork ideas visit the "Colors" page for a complete color listing. To place an order visit the "Available" page on our website.

How to play:
The best way to play your drum is to sit in your favorite chair and place the drum in your lap. If you are playing your drum on a hard surface, place a small towel or pillow under the drum to keep the resonance within the drum. Rotate the drum until the largest note is at the lower left. It does not matter what finger you use to strike the notes. When striking the notes, it's not about how hard your hit them, but more about how fast you get your fingers off the notes. Think how you would react to touching a hot stove with your finger tips thats the action your want. When starting out some people find it useful to use mallets or drumsticks with a soft large tip. Spike has found that it sounds good if you use multiple rubber bands around the mallet.

Scale Note Layout

Spike built the layout this way to make the drums easy to play. One can play the scale so fast that it could sound like a harp.

Each drum is internally dampened to stop the tank "ring" and let the notes come alive. The amount of dampening is done on a drum to drum basis.

When the dampening is finished, a solid wood plug is installed in the drum to increase the volume and give it a warmer tone.